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1) How much clothing do I remove for the massage?
For a full body massage with lotion, most people undress completely. However, you may choose to wear undergarments. Your therapist will give you privacy to undress, and you will be covered with a sheet at all times except for the area being worked on at that moment.

FAQ about Physical Therapy Massage

2) What is a Hydrocollator?
This is a stainless steel unit used for moist heat treatment during the session. The moist heat penetrates deep and draws blood up closer to the surface of the skin. The results are extremely relaxing and effective at the same time.

3) What do I do during a massage?
Just relax! Many people drift off and relax during a massage, others prefer to talk. Do not hesitate to ask your therapist to adjust your pressure to be more firm or gentle at any time during the session.

4) How will I feel after a massage?
Most people feel relaxed while others feel a release from aches and pains they experienced before the session. Some people also feel an increase in energy and greater productivity that can last for days. Natural toxins are released after a deep tissue or physical therapy massage, so it is recommended that the client drink at least 32 oz. of water after the session to flush out the toxins and avoid lingering soreness they may feel after the massage session.

5) Does Old Metairie Massage have a cancellation policy?
Yes, we do have a cancellation policy. The client will be charged half of the appointment cost for any "no show" or "cancellation" within a 12-hour period of the scheduled appointment. Please respect our time and effort in this matter.
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"I've been receiving massage work with Danny for the past four years. After coming off a sports hernia injury in ' 09, massage helped break up and limit any scar tissue development. Also, it speeds up my recovery from day to day training camp activity. During our Championship Super Bowl season I felt that massage therapy was directly responsible for my high level of play.
​The massage therapy I receive from Danny each week during the season is extremely beneficial and part of my total routine."

-Will Smith # 91, Pro Bowl DE New Orleans Saints
"The active lifestyle of an actor, and traveling a great deal can physically take its toll, so when I'm home in New Orleans, I have a massage with Danny whenever possible. He is great at relieving the stress and strain and I always feel rejuvenated after. In fact, I recommend Danny to all my actor friends who film in New Orleans, and they join me in singing his praises... you will too."

-Bryan Batt, Actor

​"I have worked with Danny for the past 10 years. Without a doubt he has greatly helped me through minor aches and pains as well as recovering from two disc problems. I vouch for his work and his enjoyable personality. My wife, Lisa also sees Danny regularly and she shares my endorsement. We recommend him to all our friends."

-Bruce Schewe, Lawyer
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