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Body Wrap / Detox
       Important Points Of Note:

  • Take before & after photos.

  • After initial wrap session measure everyday for the next 72 hours as the biotanicals continue to  work.

  • Bloating is a good thing as this indicates that you will LOSE more than the average person.

We kill ourselves at the gym. Tons of money on products and supplements with moderate at best results. This is a product to get you over the hump while continuing your healthy diet and lifestyle.
Getting to where you've always wanted to be is as easy as picking up the phone to make that initial appointment.

Ladies you always have functions, events or weddings to attend and want to look your best in that new dress or outfit. Now you can without the stress of anything extreme. Summer is always here before you know it and we all want to look and feel our best ! 

Check out these amazing before and after photos as the "Tape Does Not Lie" !!!

Is a wrap that has been proven since 2001 to contour and reduce inches while detoxing natural waste that most people can not alleviate themselves.

Applying this ultimate body wrap applicator of non woven material infused with biotanicals to the stomach, thighs, arms or neck to tighten, tone and detox.

This Is NOT Water Loss

It Works!

Body Wrap

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